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NEW: Single- or double-sided printing options
• Single-sided printing on translucent polyester
• Full-colour, fully customisable designs
• Durable & wind-resistant up to 37 mph  
• New to flags? Choose flag set w/ pole + cross bar base
Already have poles & a base? Choose flag fabric only

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Take your marketing to new heights with custom flags.

Trying to stand out on a busy block or at crowded trade show events? Displaying bright, professionally designed custom flags is a time-tested way to cut through the noise or rise above the crowd. Advertising flags accomplish two tasks at once: First, they serve as practical way finding tools that help attract attention to commercial businesses, booth displays or event tents. But they also give you a chance to go big with your branding – you can get your business name, logo and colours seen by pedestrians, vehicular traffic and more. That’s why we make it easy to create fully customised, weather-resistant promotional flags that will work for your unique business and your specific advertising needs.

To start creating your custom promotional flags, start by answering three key questions: 

1. Do you need flag poles and a base?

If you’re just starting out with flags, we recommend choosing our flag set w/ pole + cross bar base option. This set includes your flag fabric, an aluminum and fiberglass pole, a steel ground stake and a bag for easy transport. If you already have poles and a base, our flag fabric only option lets you easily create new or replacement flags.

2. What size and shape do you want for your promotional flags?

Our advertising flags come in three shapes. Feather flags are a popular choice because of their unique (and eye-catching) shape. Sail flags offer the largest printable area. And since the fabric on our teardrop flags are drawn more taut, they tend to be the most stationary of our three options. Whichever option you choose, your flag is designed to resist winds up to 37 mph.

3. Do you want single- or double-sided printing?

You can choose between single-sided printing on translucent polyester, or add an extra layer of fabric to your flag to print on both sides. See below for more details about our printing options. 

Custom Flags Base Options

Get your custom flags noticed, whether you’re setting them up in grass, in car parks or even indoors.

Vistaprint Auger base

Auger Base

23.81 cm -long screw digs into the ground. To order, see “Add accessories” above.

Best for: Grass, sand

Vistaprint drive over base

Drive on foot Base

Tyre-friendly aluminium stabilising base for high-traffic areas. To order, see “Add accessories” above.

Best for: Car parks, petrol garages

Ground stake base for Vistaprint flag

Ground Spike Base

Steel. To order, see “Add accessories” above.

Best for: Grass

Square Steel Base

Strong steel stabilising base. To order, see “Add accessories” above.

Best for:  Pavement or concrete surfaces

Cross Bar Base

Perfect for any ground or surface. Included when you choose our “flag w/ poles + cross bar base” option.

Best for: Any terrain

Printing: Single- vs. Double-Sided Options

Now you can do even more when designing your custom flags. Check out the differences between single- and double-sided printing to determine which approach is right for you. 


Single-Sided Printing

Your design is printed on the front of a single piece of translucent polyester. 

Double-Sided Printing

Your design is printed on the front and back of a thicker, two-layer polyester flag. 

Assembly Guide

With these steps, you can set up your flag and get ready to get noticed.

How to assemble pole by Vistaprint


Attach the pieces of your flag pole, and then add the antennae to the top of the pole.

Flag assembly guide


Feed the antennae through the pocket that runs along the side of your flag.

Attach Vistaprint flag base


Place the prong on the top of your base into the hole at the bottom of the flag pole.

How to secure Vistaprint flag


Make sure the bungee is attached to both the flag and the hook on the flag pole.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get flags with double-sided printing?
A: Yes! You can choose between single- or double-sided printing options. Single-sided flags are more translucent, which lets the flag design (and sunlight) shine through, while our more opaque, double-sided flags offer richer colour saturation. 

Q: What is the flag pole made of? How wide is it? What colour is it?
A: When you choose our “flag set w/ pole + cross bar base” option, you’ll get a black pole that is 0.5” wide. The pole arrives in sections, with a bungee to connect them; most of the sections are made of aluminum, with one fiberglass section. It also has a plastic hook that is used to secure the flag to the pole – and you can adjust the book to increase or decrease the flag tension.

If you choose our “flag fabric only” option, a flag pole is not included with your order.

Q: What flag printing technology do you use?
A: Our promotional flags are printed using dye sublimation on translucent polyester. The resulting banners are slightly sheer, which lets the design show through to be visible on both sides.

Q: Can I wash my custom flags?
A: Yes! You can throw your feather flags, sail flags or teardrop flags into the washing machine. We recommend you wash with cold water – and we strongly recommend you let your flag air dry.

Q: Are custom flags fireproof?
A: Yes. Our flags are fire-certified.

Q: What are drive-over bases good for?
A: We recommend these bases for high-traffic areas. They work particularly well at gas stations, car dealerships and garages.

Q: What are the dimensions of the flags?
A: Dimensions vary and are listed below:

2 m feather flags
160 cm designable graphic
42 cm at the widest point

2 m teardrop flags
145 cm designable graphic
55 cm at the widest point

2 m sail flags
155 cm designable graphic
40 cm at the widest point

2.8 m feather flags 
190 cm designable graphic 
55 cm at the widest point

2.6 m sail flags 
190 cm designable graphic 
65 cm at the widest point

2.8 m teardrop flags 
220cm designable graphic 
75 cm at the widest point

3.4 m feather flags 
260 cm designable graphic 
65 cm at the widest point

3.2 m sail flags 
260 cm designable graphic 
70 cm at the widest point

3.4 m teardrop flags 
300 cm designable graphic 
125 cm at the widest point

4.5 m feather flags 
340 cm designable graphic 
85 cm at the widest point

4 m sail flags 
340 cm designable graphic 
100 cm at the widest point

4.5 m teardrop flags 
 370 cm designable graphic 
125 cm at the widest point

Q: How big is the shipping package?
A: 123cm x 30cm x 10cm (length x width x depth), and weighs about 4kg.

Q: How much do the flag bases weigh? 
A: Here are the weights for our flag base options:
  • Ground Spike: 1.3 kg 
  • Drive on foot Base: 1.8 kg
  • Square Steel Base: 12.5 kg
  • Cross-bar Base: 1.2 kg
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