Plastic Sign Stands

• Durable, dependable way to display plastic signs
• Hard plastic construction
Quick setup with no extra parts or maintenance
Stake easily in the ground

Plastic yard stand
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Plastic yard sign stands are a quick and easy way to display your sign.

Get more views by making sure your plastic signs are positioned where customers can see them. Our stands are built to last and support any corrugated plastic sign with a thickness of 4mm. They’re easy to place, but designed to stay put in any conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What type of yard sign stands do you offer? Where can I set them up?
A: Right now, we offer hard plastic stands that can be easily placed into the ground. Our sign stands are great for indoor and outdoor use. We recommend you place your lawn signs somewhere eye-catching with high-foot traffic for great visibility.

Q: What’s the stand's height?
A: The total height of the stand is 59.7 cm”. Once placed into the ground, the stand’s height is 47.7 cm”.

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