Business Card Design by Vistaprint
Business Card Design by Vistaprint

Business Cards

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Add a twist to your card with these special shapes.

Custom standard business card


• Economy, 300 gsm paper stock
• 4 paper finishes
• Best for high-volume events

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Custom premium business card


• 360 gsm paper stock
• 6 paper finishes
• Best for everyday use

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Custom Spot UV Business Card

Spot UV

• Add raised gloss to your card
• Makes text and visuals pop
• Best for big fonts or designs

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Shop by shape

Add a twist to your card with these special shapes.

Shop by specialty papers and finishes

Materials, textures and finishes to get you noticed.


A shimmering paper stock gives your design a soft glow. 

Feels like: Lightly coated and smooth


Woven Italian paper creates an elegant look and matte finish.

Feels like: A subtle weave


Textured uncoated

Lightly speckled for a canvas-like effect.

Feels like: Lightly rippled

Natural uncoated

A lightly textured paper makes it easy to add handwritten notes.

Feels like: A note card


Uncoated brown paper for a rustic look.

Feels like: An extra-thick paper bag

Recycled matte

Rustic, 100% post-consumer recycled paper. 

Feels like: An uncoated note card


Sleek and shiny, with a light-catching front.

Feels like: Slick front, silky back


Coated and classic, with a smooth, shine-free finish. 

Feels like: Varnished front, silky back

Ultra thick

A thicker stock adds extra heft to your card. Coated or uncoated options.

Feels like: Thicker than a credit card